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Engligh Language Schools

Booking Information

Booking an ESL School Program

To book an ESL school program, please call 604-990-3755 from 10 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. Program bookings cannot be completed over email, but if you have questions about our programs you are welcome to contact us by phone or at [email protected]

When you book, please be ready with the program name, your class size, booking dates, school address, phone number and e-mail. Spring booking begins the first Wednesday of February. Fall booking begins the first Wednesday of September.

School Program Fees

Our program fees vary according to group size and the duration of the program. GST applies to groups with students age 15 and up. Our 2019 fees are:

Children's ESL Programs

Adult English Language Schools

Cancellation Policy

Any program cancellations will be charged a $25 administration fee. Programs that are cancelled with less than 3 weeks notice will be charged a $50 fee.

Getting Ready for Your Visit

How to Prepare for the Field Trip

  1. To get ready for your visit, please review your pre-trip materials. There are pre- and post-trip activities for your students to do as well.
  2. There are many stairs in the park. Prepare your students for a hike!
  3. It's often wet in the mountains, even if it's not raining elsewhere in Metro Vancouver. Make sure that students and adult assistants are dressed for the weather. Please ask your students and assistants to come wearing layers, with waterproof boots and a waterproof jacket. Rain pants are also highly recommended!
  4. Smoking is not permitted during the program.
  5. Remind students and adult assistants that the forest is a great place to unwind... and unplug. Please leave electronic devices at home. If you'd like to take photographs, keep your camera or phone in a zippered pocket during the rest of the field trip to make sure that it is safe and dry.

When you arrive at the Ecology Centre, check in at the front desk. As your students explore the Centre, our program staff will speak with you about your curriculum and the learning needs of your group.

Getting to the Park

Lynn Canyon Park is easy to access.

  1. Public transit. Take the #227 community shuttle to Peters Road and Duval Road or the #228 bus to Burrill Avenue and Lynn Valley Road.
  2. Private bus. Bus parking is limited. Please notify us in advance if you will be arriving by private bus so we can make arrangements for parking.
  3. Car. If you're visiting with parent drivers, the closest parking to the Ecology Centre is the parking on either side of the road. Walk along the road and you will see the Ecology Centre on your left. If that parking is full, there is a larger gravel parking lot near the entrance to the park.

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ESL Programs for Children

What's for Lunch

For ages 3 to 6

The forest is full of food! Learn about the food animals eat in Lynn Canyon Park. Read a story, search for animal food, and make a food chain craft. You'll have a chance to view forest life up close with our amazing projector!

Earth Explorers

For ages 3 to 6

Do you love worms, mud and fossils? Discover the world beneath your feet and learn about the animals that live in the soil. You'll also go on an imaginary fossil dig and have a chance to view forest life up close with our amazing projector!

Going Buggy

For ages 3 to 6

Amazing bugs are everywhere! Learn about our local invertebrates through outdoor exploration, a story, and a buggy craft. You'll have a chance to view forest life up close with our amazing projector!

Once Upon a Tree

For ages 7 to 14

Get to know all about the trees of Lynn Canyon Parks. Find out how they clean water and create food and habitat for animals.

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ESL Programs for Adults

Bears and Salmon

These programs are 1.5 hours

For groups of up to 30 students

Experience the wild beauty of Lynn Canyon's forests and discover the animals that call this forest home. Our Bears and Salmon tour takes you on a walk through the temperate rainforest of Lynn Canyon Park. We will visit the Suspension Bridge, a walkway that hangs almost 50 meters above the canyon. During the tour, your group will have the opportunity to see Lynn Creek and learn how animals like the salmon depend on the river as a home and as a migration route to the ocean. Learn about the signs that show that a bear has travelled in the forest before you, and discover how bears and salmon are connected to the forest in a powerful ecological bond.


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Self-guided Programs

Looking for a flexible and low cost program for your group? Our EcoQuest, Eye Spy and Forest Quest programs are available at times outside our normal school program times. They're also ideal for schools who'd like to bring two classes at a time.

Eye Spy

Suitable for 3 to 6 year olds and beginner ESL classes

30 minute self-guided Ecology Centre tour

Go on a scavenger hunt to discover nature pictures hidden in the Ecology Centre displays. Receive a small prize when you complete the Eye Spy booklet and then enjoy a nature video in our theatre.

Eco Quest

Suitable for intermediate-level ESL classes

45 minute self-guided Ecology Centre tour

Go on a quest for nature knowledge! The Eco Quest takes your students through the Ecology Centre's displays. Get interactive with our displays as you find the answers to the scavenger hunt questions and decode the secret message. Receive a small prize when you complete the Eco Quest booklet and then enjoy a nature video in our theatre.

Forest Quest

For intermediate-level ESL classes

1.5 hour self-guided rainforest tour

Take your students on an educational adventure that combines a treasure hunt and ecology knowledge! Your mission begins at the Ecology Centre, where our staff will introduce your group to their Forest Quest. Led by clues and a forest map, your students will decode the mysteries of temperate rainforest plants and animals, searching for the secret of life in the rainforest. Your adventure concludes as you return to the Ecology Centre to meet with staff about what you discovered. You'll also have a chance to view forest life up close with our amazing projector!

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